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Top Ten Tips For Cooking Venison

We often get asked what is the best way to cook venison?

Obviously our advice would depend on the cut of venison you are considering cooking. Generally however, we always recommend that you cook your meat rare to medium. This is because there is very little fat in venison and if you cook it for too long it will dry out.

We recommend that you view the following videos that we have selected, as these will help you to make sure that your venison is cooked to perfection.


How to Cook the Ultimate Venison Steak

A fantastic and simple way to cook The Best Venison Steak.This Is food porn of the highest calibre.Stunning Pan Fried Venison Loin and Venison Haunch Steak,you will never cook your Venison…Read More.

How to Cook the BEST Venison Steak Meal

This is a video of me cooking the last of the whitetail steak from last hunting season….Read More…

How To Prepare Deer Meat

This video shows you How To Prepare Deer Meat…Read More…

How To Roast Venison

We swapped some of our Tamworth pork for wild venison. In this recipe we show you how to marinate and then roast it. The honey we had recently harvested was put to good use in this recipe…Read More…

How To Roast A Haunch Of Venison The Easy Way

How To Roast A Haunch Of Venison. This is the most simple and easiest way, to roast a Haunch of venison, a great method that will give you great results every time, meltingly tender, juicy and pink…Read More…

How To Cook A Venison Steak

Di cooks a couple of 8oz venison steaks, a great idea for Father’s Day!…Read More…

How To Make Venison Steak

Professional chef Matthew Myers shows how to prepare venison steaks. This demonstration is part of the Wisconsin 2007 Deer Show….Read More…

Venison Roast In The Crock Pot

From the tree to the table…Crock pot cooking with a venison roast.,.Read More…

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook Venison With A Red Wine & Chocolate Sauce

With a simple cream cabbage. Add The F Word on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-F-… To find out more about Gordon Ramsay visit: http://www.gordonramsay.com...Read More…


Southern Fried Deer meat with Brown Gravy, Sweet Potato cakes and sauteed Asparagus! this is super easy to make and even better to eat!!! Give it a try! If you’re looking for the Everglades…Read More…

We hope that you have found this selection of videos on how to cook deer meat useful and informative. We would love to hear your own tips for cooking the perfect venison meal. Feel free to add your comments below.

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